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TM BGL Fashion Group was founded in 2005.

Structure of the company includes the full production cycle from idea development to create fashions of mass production and distribution. 

BGL is focused on high quality standards. In the manufacturing process uses only cutting-edge technology , high-quality raw materials and components.

BGL - Belong Genteel Light...
BGL - first of all is a tribute to the beauty and daring image of the modern woman.

The philosophy of our brand - "Self-made woman" - the woman is able to change the world. All Collections is subject to this philosophy. Presented garments - is the ability to add and to underline this image. Business,

Office Style BGL - is discreet and elegant strict style. But apart from these notes in the symphony of our brand, there are other: elegance, beauty and freedom. In our collections we try to keep a thin line between strict requirements of business style and not recognizing the boundaries of beauty.

Classical forms and solutions BGL transmit a single image , do not depart from the canons of classic business style , but do not lose the brightness , individuality.

Collections BGL - it is always the latest fashion trends of interpretation under strict rules of modern office etiquette!